Free VPS Forever:Hax VPS,No Credit Card VPS

This server can run telebots, Whatsapp bots, Python scripts, web servers, and Linux servers, as well as other games…


Official Website


How to Get A Free VPS on Site

The application process for this free permanent server is fairly straightforward. It’s the most straightforward program I’ve ever seen. There’s no email, and there’s no way to pay with a credit card.To receive the TG account ID, pay attention to the official TG Bot (@haxtg bot) and then click START/ START (or send: /getid) in the lower right corner.Fill in your TG account ID on the registration page, and following submission, TG will receive a verification number.Then, in accordance with the rules, enter your TG ID and a custom password (which you should remember), finish the registration, and log in.

How to Register on Site

To create a free VPS, you go to the site then select the Register menu. Paste the telegram id that you copied from the BOT above then click SUBMIT.


You’ve logged in successfully; now it’s time to build a VPS.


Click Create VPS

In this section.

  • Form Operation System: Select any OS you like
  • Form Password: Put any password
  • VPS Purpose: You can also choose according to your needs. For example, if you want to use a VPS for VPN, then you choose a VPN server as shown in the image below.
  • Check all options and also check I’m not a robot then click CREATE VPS.


Now you just need to activate it and you’ll get a free VPS!

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