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Linode is a server provider with a wide range of products, including dedicated servers, bare metal servers, Kubernetes, block storage, etc. Linode VPS hosts are always at the forefront of the VPS industry.  Linode VPS has multiple machine rooms in the United States, Japan, France, Singapore and the United Kingdom!


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Why Linode

First, fast, multi – machine room  

It has six of the best data centers in the world, especially Japan and Fremont, which have good lines to Asia. The speed is very fast, and the online rate is above 99.99%.  At least I have been using the machine for over a year and there are no official reboots except for my own reboots every few months.  

Generally, Chinese webmaster users will choose Japan or Fremont data centers. If they have foreign trade needs in Europe, they can choose London data centers.  If we need to switch the machine room after selecting the data center, we can submit it to TK for official processing. We can switch the data center at will without paying extra fees.  


Second, 24 hours online customer service  

If we have problems with Linode VPS and need guidance, we can search for solutions on the Internet, because there are many users of linode VPS. Basically, the problem you encounter has already been addressed and the solution has been provided. If you need an official reply,  Directly submit Ticket at the “Support” menu in the background of the account, and we can get a reply within 5 minutes. Is there any other merchant that can match this service speed?  


Third, it is stable and technologically sound  

Linode VPS has a self-developed panel and strong technical support to ensure the stability of the machine. Do not think that some vendors’ machines are cheap, those are oversold on the basis of the price reduction, in fact, the same as a reduction in quality.  There has never been any mention of website downtime due to data loss due to VPS performance issues, or personal instability, unless the entire global line is very poor and may be affected some.  Even if there is a need for short maintenance, the official will inform us in advance (I once gave a notice 2 weeks in advance that I would maintain it for 5 minutes in a certain period of time on a certain day two weeks later).  


VPS Price

Dedicated CPU Plans
RAMCPUsSSD StorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutMonthlyHourly
4 GB280 GB4 TB40 Gbps4 Gbps$30$0.045
8 GB4160 GB5 TB40 Gbps5 Gbps$60$0.09
16 GB8320 GB6 TB40 Gbps6 Gbps$120$0.18
32 GB16640 GB7 TB40 Gbps7 Gbps$240$0.36
64 GB321280 GB8 TB40 Gbps8 Gbps$480$0.72
96 GB481920 GB9 TB40 Gbps9 Gbps$720$1.08
128 GB502500 GB10 TB40 Gbps10 Gbps$960$1.44
256 GB565000 GB11 TB40 Gbps11 Gbps$1,920$2.88
512 GB647200 GB12 TB40 Gbps12 Gbps$3,840$5.76
Shared CPU Plans
RAMCPUsSSD StorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutMonthlyHourly
1 GB125 GB1 TB40 Gbps1 Gbps$5$0.0075
2 GB150 GB2 TB40 Gbps2 Gbps$10$0.015
4 GB280 GB4 TB40 Gbps4 Gbps$20$0.03
8 GB4160 GB5 TB40 Gbps5 Gbps$40$0.06
16 GB6320 GB8 TB40 Gbps6 Gbps$80$0.12
32 GB8640 GB16 TB40 Gbps7 Gbps$160$0.24
64 GB161280 GB20 TB40 Gbps9 Gbps$320$0.48
96 GB201920 GB20 TB40 Gbps10 Gbps$480$0.72
128 GB242560 GB20 TB40 Gbps11 Gbps$640$0.96
192 GB323840 GB20 TB40 Gbps12 Gbps$960$1.44
High Memory Plans
RAMCPUsSSD StorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutMonthlyHourly
24 GB220 GB5 TB40 Gbps5 Gbps$60$0.09
48 GB240 GB6 TB40 Gbps6 Gbps$120$0.18
90 GB490 GB7 TB40 Gbps7 Gbps$240$0.36
150 GB8200 GB8 TB40 Gbps8 Gbps$480$0.72
300 GB16340 GB9 TB40 Gbps9 Gbps$960$1.44
GPU Plans
RAMCPUsSSD StorageGPU CardsTransferNetwork InNetwork OutMonthlyHourly
32 GB8640 GB116 TB40 Gbps10 Gbps$1,000$1.50
64 GB161280 GB220 TB40 Gbps10 Gbps$2,000$3.00
96 GB201920 GB320 TB40 Gbps10 Gbps$3,000$4.50
128 GB242560 GB420 TB40 Gbps10 Gbps$4,000$6.00

Billing Methods

For Linode products, you can only pay monthly deduction for newly registered accounts. The default is hourly charging, which is 0.03 dollars per hour, and the maximum monthly charging is 20 dollars (2GB plan). Our website is generally used for 24 hours.  So that we can continue to open the machine the next time we use it.  

Finally, Linode VPS is one of the best XEN VPS hosts so far, with a large user base in terms of cost performance, stability, and convenience.  If you think it’s good, uncommon also chooses Linode products.  


VPS Test

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