Cheapest European VPS Recommended

European VPS have as many data centers as American VPS, mainly in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and other major cities.  Today, Vpslover recommends some very cheap European VPS.  

vps list:

  • Hostwinds VPS
  • Vultr VPS
  • IO Zoom VPS
  • Contabo VPS – Large Capacity Hard Disk VPS


Hostwinds VPS

Hostwinds was originally a VPS hosting company in the United States, but later added the European Amsterdam data center to offer Windows VPS and Linux VPS at a very low price, starting at around $4 for Linux and around $8 for Windows due to copyright issues.  However, the characteristics of this VPS is very large bandwidth, enough to 1000M, so this speed in each VPS is the fastest and most stable.  


Supported hosts: Windows VPS and Linux VPS  

Data centers: Amsterdam (Europe), Seattle and Dallas in the US  

Payment method: Alipay, Credit card, PayPal  

Hostwinds European Data Center is located in Amsterdam.  

Hostwinds supports Linux VPS with a minimum configuration of 1 GB of memory, 1 core CPU, 1000 MB of bandwidth, and 1000 GB of data. The price is $4.49 / month.  Windows VPS comes with a minimum of 1 GB of ram, 1 core CPU, 1000 MB of bandwidth, and 1000GB of data. The price is $9.89 including copyright.  

The payment methods supported by Hostwinds include Alipay, credit card and PayPal. It is really nice to be able to use Alipay for payment. Please note that only the Mainland IP can be used to use Alipay.  


Vultr VPS

Vultr is a well-known Japanese hosting company focused on cloud services. Vultr is very large, very professional, and totally trustworthy.


Vultr’s European data centers are in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, so users have more choices.  

Vultr supports Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Linux VPS has a minimum of 512 MEgabytes of memory, 1 core, and costs $2.50 / month.  Windows VPS requires at least 2 gigabytes of ram and a 1 core CPU for $10 / month, but Vultr Windows VPS costs an additional $16 / month.  One of the biggest benefits of Vultr is the ability to charge by the hour, create VPS, deactivate VPS, and modify data centers and operating systems with great flexibility.



IOZoom VPS, is a very affordable VPS, Windows VPS and Linux VPS.  


The IOZoom European data center is located in Amsterdam.  

IOZoom supports Linux Cloud VPS and costs $5 / month for a minimum of 1 GB of ram and 1 core CPU.  Linux Cloud VPS has a minimum configuration of 2 GB of ram, 1 core CPU, and a price as low as $8 / month. This type of data center is only available in the United States, but there is no European data center.  Windows VPS comes with a minimum of 2 GB of ram, 1 core CPU, and costs as little as $10 / month. There is no Windows copyright fee, which is almost the lowest price in Windows VPS.  

IO Zoom supports Payment methods such as Alipay, credit card and PayPal. It is really nice to be able to use Alipay for payment.  


Contabo VPS

Contabo is an old European VPS host provider, founded in 2003 and operated by a German local company. It has a self-built computer room and a very stable server. It has been adhering to its service concept for 20 years, and Germans are very stable in their work.


Contabo’s best feature is its super large hard drive and unlimited data plan. The hard drive starts at 200GB and can support up to 1.6TB, which is a very good choice for those who need VPS on a large hard drive.  

In addition, The Contabo configuration is quite high, the lowest memory is 4GB, 2 core CPU, but also has unlimited flow, performance is quite strong.  

Contabo’s data centers are all located in Germany. They are self-built computer rooms, with double remote backup and reliable data.  

Linux €3.99 / month, Windows €9.98 / month.  Unfortunately, the console does not currently support Alipay payment, only PayPal, which is a bit of a barrier for some users.  


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