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Space size: 250M Space flow: 5G(I only bought 7G space)  

Supported language: PHP Database: MYSQL(10M)  

Domain name binding: Provides free domain names, you can bind their own domain names.  

Advertising: No 

Apply for address:


Awardspace free Space application tutorial  


1. the first open the website: as shown in figure  


2. then the payment page, but 0 yuan, click next  


3. fill in the registration information, the following is a demonstration, you will receive an email after registration, and then activate the account  


4. Click the activation page and operate as shown below to enter the management page 


Awardspace free space domain binding  


1. The following figure shows common management tools  


2. Awardspace provides secondary domain names and free domain names. Of course, it also supports binding domain names.  


3. then go to your domain manager to add NS records  


4. After the binding is successful, wait for NS to take effect.  Of course, you can apply for the second level domain provided by Awardspace and use it first. 



Awardspace is a free space that automatically installs wordpress, which is very convenient.  If you want to install your own can use FTP upload.  Default FTP account information: FTP Username: account IP FTP Password: account password. 


More free hosting info ,please follow

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