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The list of cheap, easy-to-use, fast, and stable Japanese VPS (Japanese Cloud Server, Japanese VPS host, Japanese VPS Server) for 2022 is as follows. Japanese VPS lines can be roughly divided into cn2, cn2 GIA, SoftBank, iij, BGP, etc. The blogger from the ease of use, and purchase convenience, recommend the following Japanese VPS merchants, all support Alipay payment!




Official website:

Features: 1Gbps Japan cn2 gia, 10Gbps Japan SoftBank, high-end enterprise network

The Canadian company started operations in 2004, focusing on the ultra-high-end and expensive network series VPS. Including the supply of Japan cn2 GIA VPS, bandwidth up to 1.2Gbps; Japan SoftBank VPS, up to 10Gbp bandwidth, free snapshot (snapshot), one key switch IP, and other automatic functions. Japan high-speed high-quality VPS, Japan high-end VPS ceiling!

Disadvantages: Some areas need a ladder to visit the official website, the price is really expensive, and no discount code suggests don’t start.



Official website:

Features: Customized resources, exclusive bandwidth, cn2 BGP network, up to 1Gbps bandwidth

CN2 BGP network, up to 1Gbps supported bandwidth, exclusive enjoyment, unrestricted traffic Linux and Windows server Single cloud server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, a single cloud server allows up to 256 years of GB memory 48 core 253 IP, Separate system disk (40 GB) from data disk (optional size), free snapshot, free backup. The American company, which has been operating for more than 20 years, built Sanjose itself and has three data centers in addition to those in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. Bilingual in Chinese and English, no real name required, the payment method is a cryptocurrency, credit card, PayPal, Alipay, etc.



Official website:

Features: Japan cn2 network, 100M bandwidth

American Chinese operation, focusing on dozens of lines IPLC and Japan cn2, the United States cn2, South Korea cn second line VPS, NAT VPS, traffic conversion, and other businesses, all high-end lines, fast! Has been supporting some of today’s most popular open-source programs, such as WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution, and PrestaShop.



Official website:

Features: Japanese SoftBank, Japanese BGP network, 500M bandwidth

It was registered in Australia and the United States in 2010 and has been operating ever since! Japan Tokyo room includes Japan’s SoftBank and Japan’s BGP network line, there are two types: small bandwidth unlimited traffic and large broadband traffic KVM virtual, support Windows and Linux systems, and can pay Alipay! The disk system is based on raid10 and provides SSD high-speed hard disks.



Official website:

Features: Nearly 140 data centers around the world, a large range of business expansion, free trial

Founded in 2011 in Luxembourg, its data centers are located in more than 140 countries and regions, including Tokyo, Japan. Services are classified into VPS, independent server, CDN, and DDoS defense. Computer room distribution: Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Russia (Berlin, Moscow, Yekaterinburg), Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, the United States (Chicago, Santa Clara, Miami, Ashburn), Turkey, Israel, etc. PayPal, Alipay, and credit card payments!



The official website:

Features: Japan cn2 GIA network, 200M bandwidth

A Malaysian company founded in 2015, the main VPS(cloud server), such as Japan cn2 GIA, Hong Kong cn2 GIA, Los Angeles cn2 Gia, and other high-end lines are the main VPS, with Asia and global low delay centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and the United States, supporting Alipay and PayPal payment. Independent server business, speed up to 1Gbps. The main advantages are: low latency global network, China optimized DDoS protection network, high-quality Chinese network.



Official website:

Features: 10Gbps bandwidth, unlimited traffic (default 20T).

The American company was founded in 2018, and mainly engaged in 10Gbps bandwidth VPS, in Japan, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Spain room. Support credit cards, PayPal, and various payment methods, including Alipay! The VPS of the Chinese operation has the brand VPS business of the Japanese machine room!

VPS Advantages:

1. The uplink VMS can reach 1Gbit/s

2. SSD storage improves I/O speed

3, 24 x 7 hours 24/7 support to solve all problems

4. Provide RAID10 hard disk backup



Official website:

Features: ICP, ISP, and other documents complete, the main cn2, as9929 line, SoftBank, and another high-end network Japan SoftBank line, Japan CN2 line, support Windows extra US system CN2, US CN2 200G high defense, US AS9929, Hong Kong CN2, Korea CN2, Hong Kong NTT and other lines of VPS.

VPS Advantages:

1. Help you record free of charge

2. Provide 1v1 key customer service

3. Provide 7×24 hours of service



Official website:

Features: Low-priced VPS, almost unbeatable!

Since its operation in 2008, it has included all kinds of high-speed lines from SoftBank and IIJ, including all kinds of high-speed lines VPS. A single VPS gives 500Mbps bandwidth to support Alipay, and the price is low! VPS market price breakers, prices are really low! Own data center, XEN, KVM virtualization support, and carefully selected high-quality lines.



Japan offers high-end updated hardware VPS with up to 50Mbps. In addition, Hong Kong has SoftBank bandwidth cn2 and the United States cn2. The connected network lines all contain direct routes in the direction of China, such as CN2, etc. In addition, they also connect with international high-quality line operators. The connection speed in China is excellent! Asia, Europe, and the United States’ visit speed can be in the industry above the level. Own hardware resources, and select highly compatible and stable new generation network and server hardware platforms, more powerful performance, in the protection of network failure, but also to protect the application failure. Accept any requirement customization, and can provide relevant solutions according to your requirements and budget, you are welcome to contact us to put forward relevant customization needs.



Since 2013, the company has been committed to Kernel-based Virtual Machine, providing servers in Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Russia, and South Korea. It is suitable for telecommuting, overseas trade, and personal/corporate websites. Support Paypal, Alipay Global various online payments. For Tokyo/Osaka, Japan, SoftBank, KDDI, NTT, and IIJ are available for mixed access, and the four-network BGP switches are random. Provide large broadband Windows support Alipay 2003, 2008, 2012! For specific promotional information and a detailed introduction, please check this site article!



Provide Japan CN2 line VPS, Japan CN2 line independent server, and native Japanese IP VPS! There are also Hong Kong VPS, Taiwan VPS, and South Africa VPS, which have CN networks to provide! Use a pure SSD drive computer to provide the best speed for your applications. All VMS are supported by SSDS and SAS hard disks. Nodes in Hong Kong and Japan connect to multiple 10Gbps upstream links through multiple international BGP peers. Rainbow provides direct connections to CN2 in Japan, Africa, and Hong Kong. Users can experience the fastest speed and ultra-low latency to visit the United States with Cloudlets V LAX.



Japan was founded in 2011, founded in Japan VPS business distribution in Tokyo, Osaka machine room, take SoftBank BGP, the Chinese version of the line Windows system, Alipay. And Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States VPS independent server business! Strong I/O, independent IP, excellent network, online rate guarantee 99.9%, has a number of data center resources in the world, each server can provide 8 or 16 different or even more IP segments, each server can be allocated more than 200 public IP, can choose the United States/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore/Japan and other room.



Based in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, Xen Virtual, provides a Windows system, small bandwidth, suitable for building sites, and can pay Alipay! Covering the world’s four continents, a total of nine regions, Tier3 data center/industrial data center, and a variety of network line access, equipped with a static IP address. Multiple configuration plans are available, supporting Windows/Linux systems. Customers can determine the most suitable for their own business according to their own project and business requirements. Intel Xeon CPU, standard rack server, ECC error validation memory, G-port network access, and Raid10 disk array to ensure the stable operation of your VPS.



Support Japan Osaka room Windows and Linux Alipay payment system! No matter it is Los Angeles, USA, or Tokyo, Japan, the global seamless coverage, provides CN2 high-speed network, BGP access support.

VPS Advantages:

1. BGP access with 200 Gbit/s bandwidth

2. Raid10 facilitates data security and remote backup to prevent physical damage

3, CPU, memory, and bandwidth, can be upgraded at any time, capricious choice



Japan Osaka room management is strict, 1000Mbps bandwidth, suitable for the construction of the station, and can pay Alipay! BGP network access in Tokyo, Japan/Hong Kong, China, provides optimized routes for Asian visitors and perfectly supports Windows and Linux operating systems. We provide a lifetime discount code of the same price: haixingyun, and the whole line of products is forbidden to use a proxy.


The Geek Host

Japan room high performance, unlimited bandwidth, suitable for the construction of Windows Alipay system! The T3 data center is equipped with perfect equipment room facilities, self-built optical fiber network, and unique core backbone network to effectively ensure high-quality network environment and rich bandwidth resources. At the same time, it is connected to a unified system management platform to facilitate resource allocation and make the system run safely, reliably, stably, and efficiently. During the promotion, Hong Kong VDS is 20% off, promo code “gkecc”.


Suike. Cloud

Official website:

Heat Internet, a business started by CDN, cn2 GIA VPS supports 50Mbps bandwidth. HVAC is a subsidiary platform of Guest Cloud Computing, which is jointly operated by Hong Kong Guest Information Technology Co., LTD., Sichuan Guest Information Technology Co., LTD., and Tianjin Guest Technology Co., LTD. Heat Network Interconnection provides cloud computing resources in more than 20 regions around the world, with a variety of instance types, suitable for a variety of production environments.



Official website:

Strange name can be a free trial or unconditional refund, VPS must abide by the rules of this service provider, and otherwise be directly banned. Japan cn2 GIA network, unlimited flow, very suitable for stable station construction needs of the user group!


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